Please take a few minutes to read this before to the live (myfxbook). Good for you

Hi Trades, After launched this website. I have received many feedbacks. And i am so sorry that can't answer all the question one by one.
Some of the feedback i have marked down for next website upgrade. Really appreciated it.

First, i only have 4 years experience on forex. I guess i am still newbie on this industrial. I took about a year to do backtest and run demo. about 3 months to develop the website/design.

Most frequent question from public is " which EA is profitable" ?
For me, i wish to say. Could you take little time to see all the EA backtest? do a summary. find out the best EA for yourself. Instead of asking it.
WHY? As i don't know you guys behaviour, scalp, marti, grip, average, hedge EA. i don't know which one is suitable your needs.
NOTHING IS FREE. i already contribute free EA with backtest already.

As below myfxbook result. I found some EAs are good. So i have demo it for about several month.
After few month, then i decided to run these EAs. Just to proof in these 300++ EA, some are them are good. Is GEM, just you didn't finetune and take time to understand the EA strategy.

Don't give up. You will be better tomorrow.


Live EA List
Chocolate EA
Date started: 05 April 2018
Coconut EA
Date started: 22 April 2018
Vanilla EA
Date started: 08 April 2018
Red EA
Date started: 11 August 2015
Yellow EA
Date started: 19 October 2016
Brown EA
Date started: 26 November 2015
Black EA
Date started: 08 March 2014
Grey EA
Date started: 27 August 2017
White EA
Date started: 28 August 2017
Silver EA
Date started: 21 December 2016
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